Romina Schenone is a stylist at the intersection of fashion, art and visual communication. Her work is based on co-creation with creative directors, hair & make up artists, project developers/managers, designers, photographers and models. Romina works solution oriented and specializes in turning the vastest visions into visual reality.

Romina came to Europe 20 years ago after having studied fine arts and music in her home town, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Having lived on two of the most different continents, through different political systems, in different cultures and professionally gone through various working processes and fields such as the classical art market as a painter and set designer or being part of the fashion industry as a stylist, she developed her creative, conceptual and organizational strongsuit.

Romina’s ultimate goal is that a team works together creatively, enabled and level headed, with an exceptional outcome in mind. She will likely be a team’s motivator, support it with her organizational skills and provide an all over good vibe on top of her qualities as a creator.

Text by Nina Pietropoli, Lead Project Manager

Selected Clients
Adidas, Puma, Birkenstock, Alpa Tauri, Echenbacher, Thomas Sabo, Witt, Otto Group, C&A, Kern, Fenty

Romina sitting on a couch between her own paintings
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